December 10, 2023


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Steve Wozniak asks Why tech can’t solve the problems of INEQUALITY

There’s an obvious reason why tech can’t solve the problems of inequality.

Because the answer is quite simply said. TECH IS INEQUALITY already.

The one who creates the TECH is the one who has an advantage, because creating tech takes time, intellectual motivation, drive, to spend towards creating, and that is the difference between someone that understands and can create tech versus a USER of the TECH.

A User of the Tech is dependent on the characteristics of the tech, and given most tech is cloud based, the originator of the tech will never allow for the tech’s user to overtake the creator, because any moment, the tech can modify and create another tweak, and de-empower the individual.

The whole concept of EMPOWERMENT sounds good to get people involved, but it has its limitations too. It’s not like everyone is going to get a FREE LUNCH.

Remember, you may think SAMPLES are free, but that was when you thought they were FREE, they actually know what’s in those samples that make you fall in their hands.

Same thing, you hear “EMPOWERMENT” and get all excited, but really, you think this is all coming without a PRICE?

You have to work hard and earn it, and work within all the illusions in place. Some times, it may seem that something is FREE, but how long does that actually last.

It doesn’t last forever. It’s all an ILLUSION… because..someone’s got to foot the bill sooner than later.